Chthonic Prose & Theory
by Vadge Moore


Aeon Sophia Press, 2013 (Republished)

A review, at Good Reads, by St of the Antibothis version of Chthonic Prose & Theory:

"Vadge has written some incredible essays in this book within the "theory" section (second half). One must take a look at his essays, as available on his website to understand: Certain theory that can be complex for some is explained in an accessible manner without the use of jargon. The reading experience is an enjoyable one with a clear sense of the passion presented within the pages. I also thoroughly enjoyed the sections containing his personal experiences, as depraved as they have been. What a refreshing change from all the pompous, pretentious crap floating around concerning the chthonic."


Chthonic: Prose & Theory
by Vadge Moore

132 pages, softcover

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    From the pen of Vadge Moore, one of American counterculture's most notorious debauchees, comes a tome devoted to all the base, depraved, wicked and vile aspects of the animal Man. Asserting that the savage, primal elements of the human spirit are, in fact, the proverbial Lead from which spiritual Gold can be spun, Moore takes us on a tour through Hell; the passage of which - for those bold enough to undertake it - can lead to a Heaven of a decidedly different nature than that posited by orthodox religion �
    To achieve his aims of sanctifying the depraved, Moore takes as his starting-point the ancient Greek concept of the chthonic - a term denoting Hell, Hades or the Underworld, and all those aspects of Man himself which are associated with such places. To Moore, the chthonic is an impetus from which to trace the myriad manifestations of the primitive, primordial, uninhibited beast in Man throughout history; and also the means by which to tie them together into a cohesive, practical philosophy. Throughout Chthonic: Prose & Theory, Moore explores all things chthonic in the history of art, literature, philosophy and religion, tracing its lineage from the Bacchanalian and Dionysian cults of Ancient Greece and Rome, to Eighteenth Century France and beyond. He analyzes the chthonic in the works of the notorious Marquis DeSade, and its influence on the post-modernist muse Georges Bataille, as well as in the lives and philosophies of Twentieth Century icons such as occultist Aleister Crowley, psychologist Carl Jung and Church Of Satan founder, Anton LaVey.
    Through cross-disciplinary scholarly research, Vadge Moore presents a solidly-grounded philosophical worldview centered around the chthonic - an unapologetically dark, nihilistic mysticism which does not require the dependent counterbalance of a benevolent "God" to assert itself. Chthonic: Prose & Theory delineates Moore's idiosyncratic, previously unexplored means by which to approach an all-inclusive understanding of the Absolute; not by self-effacing penitence and sublimation to a supposedly munificent God, but through the sin-drenched Left-Hand path of the Devil. Join him in the descent �

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Vadge More is an American author which has been developing as musician and writer from long time ago, he has written a lot of articles, relating occult themes and now we have the pleasure to introduce us in its own chthonic reality via this book, which includes two parts I Prose:Psychopathy,Vicera. And theory:Cthonic Gnosis. So, lets just start with Psychopathy,where Mr Moore develops an in deep series of thoughts about how oneself must live life with no restrictions or moral codex, to live by our own instincts in order to transcend via sensations, also he express that freedom is a state of mind that invigorates the nerves, destroy illusion, detonates to pieces all mental prisions,and frees the body to explore every imaginable pleasure, for good or ill. Also you can read long exposition of matters relating repression of sexual instincts, how people lives in an illusion reflect of material world among other topics. Vicera: reveal us aspects of his constant change and unlimited creativity, reflected in his life and each one of the developments as artist and writer. Tells about the eternal returns of nietzschean philosophy. So the Second part of the book,Chtonic Gnosis makes reference to the underworld aspects of minds reflected on myths and legends. The psychopathy of the psyche, the darkness of the Freudian id and the id's death instinct. He expresses the Chtonic as the soil from which the human ego must grow. Also he speaks about the theories and interpretations of magicians such as Aleister Crowley, and Kenneth Grant among others,refering the Chthonic energies of qliphots.The psychological aspects on Dionysus in human psyche, the George Bastille�s mysticism of death, the animal in man, among other interesting topics which are expressed through each one of the 132 pages, in English. "This is the zeitgeist of our current age; that sin and sanctity are essentially the same." - Vadge Moore