• Vadge Moore will soon be the host of his own radio show at Vadge's show schedule will be announced soon. Listening to his show will be available on iPhone, Android, as well as iPad.

  • Vadge Moore will be doing a spoken word performance of material from his book Chthonic Prose & Theory, as well as a collection of forthcoming work. The event is on Saturday, January 18, 2014 at 8:00pm MST at Mutiny Information Cafe in Denver, Colorado. RSVP on Facebook HERE.

  • Aeon Sophia Press has published a paperback version of the book 'Chthonic Prose & Theory' by Vadge Moore. The book was published in late 2012 in an edition limited to 50 copies, bound in full 'wine-red' colored moire silk cloth hardcover. That version sold out within 3 days. Due to high demand and interest, the book is available again as a limited edition softcover paperback. The book is available for purchase HERE now.
    Chthonic: Prose & Theory
  • From the now legendary Everything and Moore sessions in Atlanta, Ga: Vadge Moore & Nick Oliveri (aka Rex Everything) vs. Hewhocannotbenamed with spoken word by Blag Dahlia. A new 7" split record from No Balls Records. Get it now! Vadge Moore will be signing a few copies soon. Contact No Balls Records for details.

  • For Vadge Moore's interview on Dark Sun Radio, click HERE and select it from the Archives.

  • Vadge Moore will be appearing on Dark Sun Radio, Monday, August 26, 2013, at 10PM ET.
    Upcoming Shows | Dark Sun Radio

  • Chthonic Prose & Theory republished by Aeon Sophia Press 2013.
    Chthonic: Prose & Theory

  • For the latest news on the publishing of Vadge Moore's books, go to his Facebook author page. Click here. (Right-click and open in a new window for best results).

  • Here is a preview of the new edition of Chthonic: Prose & Theory. Go HERE.

  • Vadge Moore will appear on Whatever68 Radio on Tuesday, November 6, at 11PM EST/8PM PST. He'll play old Dwarves tracks, Chthonic Force and perhaps even a new rough mix from his latest musical project, Vadge Moore's Slam Piece, plus much more. Don't miss it!

  • Check out "The Invitation" featuring Vadge Moore from Bubblebath in Blood's recent release in full on YouTube by clicking HERE. You may also purchase this track alone or the full 6-song EP on iTunes, Amazon, and

  • There is exciting news from Aeon Sophia Press, Vadge Moore's new publisher. See their announcement below:
    "Usually we prefer to launch and promote a single title at a time. This to avoid confusion by our fans, friends, customers and those new to our small publishing-house about forth coming books. This time, we got introduced to an author and his works we simply couldn't let it pass by.
    His name is Vadge Moore.
    In 2009 Vadge published his first book Chthonic: Prose & Theory. Soon after, Vadge joined the Voudonic Gnostic group, La Societe Voudon Gnostique. Vadge's writing also appears in the first journal of this group, "Atua: Voices from La Societe Voudon Gnostique".
    Forthcoming book is a very limited edition of 50 copies, clothbound hardcover version of his first book 'Chthonic: Prose & Theory'. More info and announcements and pre-order will be made within the coming weeks.

  • Go on Facebook and "Like" the brand new Vadge Moore author fan page. Go HERE.

  • A new interview with Vadge Moore is now up at the Black Lotus Kult website. Click HERE.

  • Vadge Moore appears on the track "The Invitation" from the new release by Bubblebath in Blood. Out this week on iTunes, Amazon mp3, and other online retailers worldwide.

  • Check out this new interview with Vadge Moore at Occult of Personality. See it HERE.

  • Excerpts from Vadge's upcoming book Meonic Monsters: A Perfect Ruin can be found beginning on page 169 of Paraphilia #14, The Hypokeimenon Issue. Look at it HERE.

  • The New Man, an excerpt from Vadge's book Chthonic: Prose & Theory is up at Paraphilia Magazine, Issue #13, page 186. See it HERE.

  • A Vadge Moore article from a 1992 issue of Primal Chaos Magazine titled Manson/Shiva and the Age of Kali, has been posted in the Writings section. View it here.

  • Tearing at the Fetters: An Interview with Vadge Moore has been posted at Paraphilia Magazine, Issue #12, page 197. Go HERE.

  • A
  • Statement concerning Black Front Press: Vadge Moore in no way subscribes to nor endorses the viewpoints, political or otherwise, of the publishers of Black Front Press.

  • Vadge Moore's article Crowley, Sumeria and the Fallen Angels will be included in an anthology called Crowley: Thoughts and Perspectives, Volume Two.

  • Chthonic Force has a brand new track on a cd that comes with the Journal of La Societe Voudon Gnostique.�Atua: Voices from La Societe Voudon Gnostique�can be purchased at The�Journal also contains new writings from Vadge Moore.

  • Vadge Moore makes a cameo appearance on the new Dwarves album�Born Again.�Buy it now!

  • The Vadge Moore Page was deactivated by Facebook for displaying objectionable material. Who would'a thought?

  • Vadge Moore's work will appear in a forthcoming research journal of La Societe Voudon Gnostique. ATUA: Voices from La Societe Voudon Gnostique will be published by Fulgur Limited. Go here for more details.

  • "Very sad news: Kenneth Grant, occult author and one time�student of Aleister Crowley has died. Mr. Grant has had an enormous influence on me and my work. He will be sorely missed." --- Vadge Moore

  • The Vadge Moore Page is now up on Facebook. Go give it a "like."

  • Vadge Moore's debauched and libertine lifestyle is discussed�in the new book by New Bomb Turks frontman Eric Davidson. Buy it HERE.

  • Vadge Moore interviewed by Punk Globe Magazine. Click HERE.

  • In September 2010, Vadge Moore appeared as a member of La Societe Voudon Gnostique in Seattle and Chicago. See the photos here.

  • A new Vadge Moore interview appears in the September 2010 issue of Punk Globe Magazine!

  • There is a new interview with Vadge Moore at Grey Lodge that can be found here.

  • Vadge Moore is now a member of La Societe Voudon Gnostique. Their site can be found here. Vadge Moore will be contributing to this organization in various forms. Check this site periodically for updates.

  • Reviews of Chthonic: Prose & Theory can be found at the Book page of this web site.

  • There is a new interview with Vadge Moore by film-maker Larry Wessel now up on the Interviews page.

  • Chthonic: Prose & Theory is out now from ANTIBOTHIS as a softcover book.
    Chthonic: Prose & Theory "Vadge Moore is an American author and musician that has spent a lifetime testing the boundaries of good and evil. He toured and recorded with the infamous sleaze-punk institution The Dwarves, apocalyptic rock group Neither-Neither World, and his own nihilist-noise unit Chthonic Force. He has written for the early nineties occult journal Primal Chaos, the esoteric magazine Dagobert's Revenge, and the controversial web 'zine Synthesis. Recently Vadge has taken up an aphoristic-prose style of writing that best expresses his iniquitous and sinister insights into the mind of Man. Chthonic: Prose & Theory is just that; prose wedded to theory that scrutinizes the human, all too human, Monster that is Man."

    132 PAGES

    PRICE : $15


  • delirium tremens: THE BEST OF CHTHONIC FORCE is out now from DISCRIMINATE AUDIO as a limited edition of 100 CDs, individually signed and numbered by Vadge Moore.

    delirium tremens: THE BEST OF CHTHONIC FORCE

    1. Stele Of The Vultures
    2. White Logic
    3. Helios
    4. Mouth Pigs (Featuring Peter Sotos)
    5. King Of The World
    6. Disable
    7. Assume The Position (Featuring Boyd Rice)
    8. Agathodaemon
    9. Solitary
    10. Primate God (Featuring Thomas Thorn)
    11. Nihil
    12. Chthonia
    13. Thirteen (Featuring Monte Cazazza)
    14. Catastrophism

    Total Running Time: 45:37

    Limited-edition CD sold out - vinyl edition to be released winter 2009 by DISCRIMINATE AUDIO.

    Buy MP3s online:
  • Vadge Moore's appearance on "Blaqart Radio" program on is now available for download on the INTERVIEWS page of this site.

  • Excerpts of Vadge Moore's prose appear in the newest issue of the Antibothis anthology, which can be reached at

  • An excerpt from Viscera, a new prose work that will accompany Psychopathy, has been posted on the WRITINGS page of this web site.

  • Vadge Moore appears in the documentary Iconoclast; a film on the life, work, and ideas of Boyd Rice. The site can be reached HERE.

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