"Crime, Sin & The Libertine"
(Primal Chaos, 1994)

Every society has its taboos, every society has its crimes, but each society possesses different notions of what good and evil are. Cannibalism is frowned upon in one society, yet encouraged within another; incest is allowed in some cultures, yet considered a horrifying deed in others; chopping off of a criminal's limbs for the crime he has committed is deemed immoral in certain parts of the world, but is standard fare in others; even the consenting age for marriage varies, from one society to the next.

Behavioral psychology claimed that it had proven that any form of behavior can be encouraged or discouraged according to the whims of the controller, but this too is subjective and relative to the values of the society in which such interventions are being attempted. The true libertine, the man whose thinking is free, does not allow any such subjective prejudices to limit his enjoyment of this world in any way shape or form. Recognizing the relativity of what each culture considers acceptable forms of behavior, the libertine allows his passions and desires a free reign, weeding out the guilt that is normally associated with certain types of taboo. Thus, he can extend his range of experience and by the unfettered acts he commits, enhance and enrich his life.

Once one learns to truly enjoy these notions of "crime" and "sin," then do societal barriers begin to break down. The insidious, conditioned remorse or guilt can be used by the debauched to further enhance the pleasures and the pains of his existence. In Western culture, aggression and murder are considered the ultimate taboos, yet in the domain of nature and the fight for survival, murder and aggression are wholly natural instincts. Repressed, these instincts turn upon a person, forcing the growth of hideous and deformed weeds known as neurosis and mental disease. Released, they satisfy a natural drive that allows a person to live a happier and healthier life. Primitive, indigenous societies have always used hunting and war as a means to release and satisfy these drives. These societies provided their people the means to live naturally and in balance.

Presently, in our culture, if you are attacked, defend yourself and kill your attacker, you will, more then likely, be sent to prison for your deed. This is the equivalent of removing the claws from a tiger and sending it back to the jungle, utterly defenseless. San Francisco born writer Jack London once stated, "I do not sin, for I am true to the prompting of the life that is within me. I am sincere with my soul, at least." Being true to the prompting of life within you-this the libertine does. Why deny yourself the range of experience that comes to us most naturally; because we were unlucky enough to be born into a doddering culture with particularly unnatural prejudices? Why not embrace that primordial groundwork and extend it, electrify it?

The overt relativity of good and evil should be obvious to anyone with a clear mind and even a tiny grasp of history. Though you cannot anger a God that isn't there, you can anger a society by breaking its taboos; but only the cleverest libertine can avoid capture. Nature is our God and it doesn't give a damn whether we make a life or take a life, whether we spill our seed or retain it, whether we consume roast pork or roast Man!

All of life is constant force, energy and motion, and Nature is completely indifferent to the specifics of that motion. To exist as completely as possible outside of petty human limitations is to fully understand force, energy and motion, and its innumerable manifestations. The small-minded taboos of our culture can be destroyed and razed to the ground by the true, superior individual; if not externally, then internally. Morality, religion and ethics are tools to be used, but are not to be mistaken for truths.

As the divine DeSade once said, "Philosophy is not the art of consoling the weak; it has no other aim but to bring soundness to the mind and to uproot its prejudices. I do not bring consolation…I bring truth." Here's to the Sadean Man, The New Man!

© Vadge Moore / DISCRIMINATE MEDIA, 2008